Google Looking Into The Issue Of Missing Purchased Apps In Play Store

A number of users have been reporting that they have been unable to access the apps they have purchased in the Play Store. The issue is that even after purchasing a certain app, the app goes missing from the ‘My Apps’ section of Play store. Now, Google has stated on the ‘Known Issues’ page that it is looking into this problem. So users can hope that it will be resolved soon.

According to the official word from Google, ‘we’re aware of reports from some users that several applications are missing under ‘My Apps’ on their devices, and we’re currently looking into the issue.’ The issue is not confined to a certain region and occurs on both Android devices as well as on the web store. Not all users have experienced this particular issue but users from many diverse regions are reporting it.

However, the brighter side is that it is not a long-term or permanent problem. At the heart of it seems to be some kind of connection error which bars the users from viewing the apps they have purchased. So naturally, once Google resolves this connection error, users will once again be able to view all the apps they have purchased on the Play store. Nonetheless, it is quite frustrating for the users who need regular access to all their apps.

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