CeBIT 2010 Expo in Hannover, Germany From 2nd March to 6th March

CeBIT 2010 expo is going to open from today. It’s the largest consumer electronics and computer expo. It will run till 6th March. CeBIT 2010 is going to be held in Hannover, Germany. If you are someone who loves to keep up with the latest in the tech industry, you have to definitely know what happens at CeBIT.

The show kicks off with Intel, ASUS and Acer press conferences. It’s not only the display & sales. There will be lectures from CEOs of big companies & many upcoming announcements.

There are a whole lot of interesting people who will take over the stage and discuss interesting things on current and future products and technology. You can find the entire list of schedules and keynotes by visiting the official CeBIT 2010 schedule list.

CeBIT 2010 has keynotes by Dr. Peter Graf – EVP of SAP, Vivek Dev – Group director at Telefonica, S.A. among others, with lectures from Anand Agarawala – Founder of Bumptop, Martin Blomkvist – Director at Sony Ericsson, Diane Bryant – VP and CIO at Intel, Stewart Butterfield – Co-founder of Flickr, Kevin Eyres – MD Europe LinkedIn, Stephen J. Felice – President SMB Dell Inc, Jan Geldmacher – CCO of Vodafone among others. There are several interesting speakers this year, you can find the entire list of them here.

CeBit 2010 events start in the morning at 10AM local time and will continue throughout the day. Please note that all event times are local to Hannover, Germany. You can check your local timings by visiting this page.

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