Fujitsu Develops Innovative Anti-Distortion Technology To Diminish Energy

Fujitsu has developed a new technology that allows for higher signal quality in fiber optic cables over longer distances. It consumes a whole lot less energy. The ‘digital signal processing algorithm’ can both compensate for waveform distortion and extend the range of long-haul optical signals. The algorithm allowed Fujitsu to create small size that can consume two-thirds less power throughout an entire network.

The new technology has been succeeded in extending the long-haul operating range of optical signals. It represents a considerable improvement of approximately three times compared to circuits that was already developed by Fujitsu earlier. Long-haul transmission systems are used in the trunk-line networks of telecom carriers and networks. It ties together large data-centers. But the new technology works beyond signal re-generators. It can make high-speed transmission systems at low cost. Undoubtedly, it will help the next-generation smart phone users.

According to the company, it managed to gain higher signal quality with its new one-stage circuit in a 112Gbps transmission test. Before this, they used to get lower signal quality from standard 20-stage circuit. Theoretically, this technology can be used to create fiber optic networks that are not only faster at present, but also cheaper and more energy efficient.

If you are interested to know more details, you can click here. It is being hoped that, within 2015, the new technology can be used in optical transmission systems.

Source : Fijitsu


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