Google Unveils New Features For Google Maps With Labs

Google just added 9 new cool features in their location service application Google Maps. They features a new button named Google Maps Labs. It’s the little green vial in the top right menu. Go to Google Maps ans experience the new features.

The new features that has been added are disabled by default. Click the green flask at the top of Google Maps and you get a chance to enable features like the following:

1. Drag ‘n’ Zoom – Click the Drag-and-Zoom button, then draw a box on the map to immediately zoom into that place.

2. Aerial Imagery – Available for certain areas, aerial imagery “gives you rotatable, high-resolution overhead imagery presented in a new perspective.”

3. Back to Beta – This will simply add a “Beta” icon to the Maps logo.

4. Where in the World Game – Guess the name of the country from satellite imagery.

5. Rotatable Maps – This puts north facing downwards, for instance.

6. What’s Around Here? – This will trigger a search for anything (“*”), showing the top places for a given location.

7. LatLng Tooltip – Shows the latitude/ longitude of where your cursor is positioned.

8. LatLng Marker – Drop a marker anywhere on the map, showing the latitude and longitude of that location.

9. Smart Zoom – stops you from zooming into an area if imagery is not available.

Source: Mashable, BlogoScoped

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