Huawei Ascend D Quad Will Be Available From July

As Huawei’s first quad core smartphone, Huawei has officially introduced at MWC 2012 last month. Huawei will start production the Ascend D Quad in June and the handset will only be launched starting July. That means we have to wait more than few months for this phone. Side by side Huawei’s main competitors HTCs One X and Samsungs Galaxy S3 will be available at the same time.

Huawei Ascend D Quad

According to the cnmo – At present, known as the world’s fastest quad-core smartphone Huawei of Ascend D Quad run divided exposure, from exposure to run sub-score, the aircraft is indeed worthy of the title of the world’s fastest quad-core smartphone, which makesthe more we look forward to this phone listed, but since the aircraft has been released, has been there were no reports will be listed on the news, but now have the latest news on when it listed.

Huawei of Ascend D, the Quad will be in June this year to begin mass production and time to market will be likely in July. Huawei to build its own online store, perhaps quad-core mobile phone will be on the network the first pin, so that the most immediate benefit is that you can reduce the phone’s retail price. People are more concerned about price, Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s chairman, said the current price is yet to be determined.

MWC2012 (Mobile World Congress) on the release of several quad-core mobile phone, the HTC One X has been made ​​clear to the UK market in April 2012 is a quad-core mobile phone, the first year, we also hope the quad-core mobile phone has been released to soon meet with us.


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