After Winning Patent Lawsuit Against Samsung, Apple Asks For $16M In Legal Fees

The patent lawsuits between Apple and Samsung have dragged on for many years now. This year in November, a jury conclusively ruled in favor of Apple, awarding the company $930 million in damages. Apple has now filed a motion, seeking another $16 million from Samsung for legal fees.

Apple vs Samsung

The lawsuit between the two tech titans continued for a long while. During this time, it is understandable that both companies went for the top law firms in order to tip the scales in their favor. Apple’s outside counsel was Morrison & Foerster, which will be paid some $60 million in legal fees by Apple.

That shouldn’t sting, given that the final verdict by the jury has awarded Apple $930 million in damages, which Samsung will be paying soon. However, Apple is not settling at this and wants Samsung to also pay a portion of the hefty legal fees the iPhone-maker has piled up over the years.

Some claims included in Apple’s original lawsuit against Samsung were unsuccessful in the law of court, as the case proceeded. It is for this reason that rather than asking Samsung to pay the full $60 million legal bill, Apple has sought only one-third of the total sum.

For now, the company has filed the motion and it is only after the first hearing that we can surmise where this will go. However, given the fact that Apple has been the fair winner of the lawsuit, it is likely that the company will be able to make Samsung pay up on this issue too.

Courtesy: Mac Rumors

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