Apple is Now Bigger Than Microsoft And Google Combined

It’s official. Apple has tons and tons of money. This is no news, but last week, the company surprised everyone as it made front cover news yet again. As reported by Hayley Tsukayama of the Washington Post, Apple had a great week at the market – the stock market. Apparently the company now has a market cap value of $461 billion. Remarkably this means that Apple is now worth more than Google and Microsoft put together.

Microsoft stands at $257 and Google at $197. If you add the numbers, you’ll get $454 billion, which is a little less than Apple’s $461. The news is pretty interesting and has caught the attention of a variety of people. Some of them have the sense of humor, so they have started the Tumblr blog called “Things Apple is Worth More Than”. Thus we find out that Apple is higher and mightier than all the coffee industry ($70 billion per year), two Apollo space programs ($170 billion), all the gold in the New York Federal Reserve Bank and….Sweden ($458 billion).

Apple’s power and influence is growing faster than the speed of light. In May 2010, the Cupertino based company became the first business to dethrone Microsoft’s market value and has held the dominion every since. Then in August 2011, Apple became the most valuable company in the whole world with $346.77 billion taking over the supremacy from Exxon.


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