Apple VS Amazon – The Legal Battles Continue

It seems like filing patent violation cases against rival companies is the favorite pastime of tech giants. And everyone, from Apple to Microsoft to Motorola, Samsung and Google is deep into this business. The fresh episode comes from a case filed by Apple against Amazon accusing the latter of illegally using the term ‘Appstore.’

‘Appstore’ is mine – says Apple:
Apple seems pretty touche about its products as well as the names of it’s products. It recently modified a case filed against Amazon. The new case accuses Amazon of using the term ‘Appstore.’ Apple lawyers have argued in the court that Amazon has used the term ‘Amazon Appstore’ with the launch of Kindle Fire without using ‘for Android’ with it. This, Apple says, sound very close to Appstore term used by Apple and may trick the users into believing that the reference is being made to the Apple Appstore. did use the term “Amazon Appstore – thousands of apps and games.’ Ever since Apple filed the case, Amazon has removed the name from the top of the page. But the same name continues to appear in a number of other places where users need to know where they can get apps for their Kindle Fire from.

Apple’s lawyers state that the use of this term, which exclusively belongs to Apple, has caused an irreparable damage to their company. And that if measures were not taken, Amazon may continue to use the term which will cause further damages to Apple. However, not everyone is happy with Apple being possessive about the term ‘Appstore.’ Microsoft had filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office to deny rights to Apple for the term ‘Appstore.’ According to Microsoft, the term is too generic to be owned by any certain company. For now, this case by Microsoft is on hold until the Apple vs Amazon case reaches its conclusion.
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