AT&T Starts Offering Nationwide FaceTime Over Cellular

When Apple announced that it will be offering cellular support for the FaceTime feature, many telecom giants were reluctant. AT&T initially limited the feature only to MobileShare plan subscribers and such LTE users who had a tiered plan. But the company is finally rolling out general FaceTime support to all subscribers.


AT&T hasn’t made any official announcement of such a roll-out. However, users all over US are reporting that they are finally able to use FaceTime over LTE as well as HSPA+ connections. And this availability is not limited to aforementioned subscription plans.

Until now, users in New York, Louisiana, California, Maryland, Georgia and Hawaii have confirmed the activation of the service on their data plans. Moreover, AT&T is no longer throttling the users for its usage and the video quality on FaceTime over cellular is nearly as good as it is when being used on Wi-Fi.

Although this is somewhat unexpected, it shouldn’t be surprising because only a while ago, AT&T had promised that it will be expanding support for FaceTime over cellular in the coming months. In fact, the telecom giant had promised that by the end of 2013, it intends to complete the roll out of the feature to all of its subscribers.

It is still unclear on what basis is AT&T rolling out the cellular support for the feature. The company hasn’t issued any official statement on the roll-out so far, so we are still looking for an official announcement on it.

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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