Both Google And Oracle To Appeal Against Java Verdict

Google and Oracle have been embroiled in a legal battle over the use of Java in the Android operating system. In a recent ruling, a jury ruled that Google did indeed use Java codes but didn’t infringe Oracle patents. However, the jury couldn’t decide whether this was within the scope of ‘fair use’ or not.¬†Apparently, both Google and Oracle are dissatisfied with the verdict and are ruling against it.

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Google’s point of contention is that the jury found the company to have used merely nine lines of Java code, This, Google’s attorneys hold in a filing against the verdict, is legally insignificant. Apparently, the company is demanding that it be exonerated of any consequences of having used the few lines of code.

Oracle, on the other hand, is appealing against the jury’s verdict because it holds that by using those lines of code, Google did indeed infringe on its patents. The company wants the court to hold Google responsible for this infringement and seeks to get a portion of the overall Android earnings, which is a rather sizeable amount.

Google is probably appealing the verdict to put an end to the allegations from Oracle, once and for all. And given the size of offence, it is expected that any other court would also rule in Google’s favor. Oracle, however, is banking on the few lines of Java code that Google did use and hopes to get a large amount of cash out of it.

Source: Bloomberg

Courtesy: BGR

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