Competing Google Fiber, VTel Launches Gigabit Internet Service

Google recently announced that it will be rolling out its high-speed internet service, Google Fiber, in Austin come 2014. This has apparently triggered other companies in the telecom industry to launch similar ventures. One particular company, VTel, is now offering gigabit internet service at rates which are a lot lower than those offered by Google.


Apparently, Google plans on offering its own internet service in Austin for a price of $70 per month. VTel has now ruffled quite a few feathers by offering a similar service for an astonishingly low price of $35 a month. The company has already brought on board some 600 subscribers.

VTel has been around for more than a 100 years, having being established back in 1890. Its CEO, Michel Guite, now vows that his company will be upgrading its phone network to be able to offer gigabit internet service to homes based in Austin. As ambitious as this plan may sound, VTel seems to be doing it right for now. By offering a gigabit internet service at such low rates, the company has already made quite a few headlines.

According to Guite, ‘Google has really given us more encouragement.’ He was referring to the inclusion of Austin in such states which will be getting Google Fiber. However, Guite does clarify that for now, VTel is treating its new gigabit internet service as an experimental venture. VTel will eventually analyze whether or not the current offering is a sustainable model.

Source: WSJ

Courtesy: Engadget


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