Facebook Acquired 750 Patents From IBM To Get More Strength In Patents’ War

Recently, Facebook purchased 750 patents from IBM, but did not disclose what the strategic value of it is. In a brief statement to the AFP, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed the report, but did not share any other details. When IBM was asked to comment about it, they had none. The patents will cover for various software and networking technologies according to The Verge.

However, experts believe that 750 patents is a small number compared to so many that exist. Hence, for a larger picture, it does not mean, but for Facebook, which currently has 60 U.S. patents, it really does mean a lot. The experts believe that for a company like Facebook, it is better to buy more patents.

Especially, at a time when Facebook is facing many patent charges, in particular from Yahoo, having a lawsuit, it is really something of an important strategic and it should be interpreted as such. Some experts view this buying of more IBM patents as a strategy to countersuit against Yahoo. IBM has been busy selling its patents to different companies. Just a few months ago, it sold more than 2,000 patents to Google.

In view of this, Google has not been able to make much out of these purchased patents. Hence, for Facebook too, it is to be seen what these 750 patents purchased from IBM could do in its patent wars. These technology giants would actually be wasting their time, money and resources in patent wars, because from a customers’ point of view, it essentially means nothing. Providing a good product is something that attracts buyers and users.

Thus, for Facebook to keep running, patents may or may not prove useful. But users will not stop at a particular brand of technology, they would use the technology regardless of who holds the patents for them. But in all fairness to Facebook, experts believe that it is a good start in terms of patents standing and it would make its position stronger, if it is advised and guided properly.

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