Google Considers Wireless Service In Collaboration With Dish Network

Wireless carriers are one of the most lucrative corporate entities of our age, given the immense boom in the sales of mobile devices. According to Wall Street Journal, Google has been discussing the possibility of its own wireless service in collaboration with Dish Network.

Dish network

The fact that Google discussed this with Dish Network is not a surprise. Dish Network has been entertaining the notion of launching its own wireless service since quite some time. The company has been acquiring the requisite resources ever since 2008.

However, Google itself hasn’t cited any specific plans to this end, until this bit of information. And even now, WSJ reports, the company may not be very serious in these plans and the talks between the two are not very ‘advanced.’

The journal further says that given the rather cool nature of the talks between the two companies, they may not get anywhere. It is possible that Google may still be contemplative of any such venture, even when the company has gone nearly full-throttle into broadband business.

Source: WSJ

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