Google Is The Most Popular Tech Company In US, Polls Say

A lot criticism has been heaped on top of Google ever since it introduced Google+ and a number of related features such as Search Plus Your World. However, apparently the average user doesn’t usually care about these criticisms and continues to have great likeness for Google. According to a poll by ABC News and Washington Post, Google emerged as the most popular tech company in U.S.

This must be somewhat surprising for a lot of readers since Apple has been taking the top spot in nearly all tech-related accolades for quite some time now. For instance, Apple was able to top the list of US Customer Satisfaction index for the eighth year in a row! But interestingly, Google was not part of the list.

Now that the poll included names such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple, Google was considered to be the most likeable company, garnering favorable responses from 82% of the respondents. Only 9% said they didn’t like the company while another 10% were being fickle.

Surprisingly, Apple fell in the second spot with 74% respondents saying they liked the company. Another 13% said they didn’t really like Apple while 14% of the respondents were indecisive towards it.

What is interesting is that whereas Facebook has a huge, huge user base, it was being liked by only 58% of the users. It may be because of a number of privacy issues that have been associated with the social network. A significant 28% stated they didn’t like Facebook.

Twitter was even lower on the list, getting only 34% favorable responses while 36% unfavorable responses. While we are unable to figure out the lack of popularity of Twitter, it does seem that the celebrity-centric platform doesn’t seem to sit well with common users.

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