Google Plans To Launch TV Service With Online Access To TV Channels

Google has been eyeing the TV industry for some time and had been involved, albeit in a limited capacity, with it. Now, however, the company is looking forward to get into the business of providing video services to the users in Kansas City. This come on top of another very ambitious project of which the Kansas City is a part of, that of providing internet access up to ten times faster than conventional ISPs. If Google is able to have the application approved successfully, it may launch the service as soon as a month from now.

So what would be different about this video service when provided by Google? For one, Google plans to offer a video package which will include live TV services as well as on-demand access to TV channels. The package will also provide access to online TV channels, which can be a major incentive for the prospective users.

Google has recently filed another application seeking permission to set up a satellite antenna farm in Council Bluffs, Iowa. If Google is able to successfully look through the approval of this application too, it will enable the company to bundle TV channels and movies together with the internet access at ultra-high speeds which it is working on, to provide to the residents of Kansas City.

Kansas City has been very lucky to have been a part of this project of providing ultra-high speed internet to residential areas. The honor was bestowed upon it ahead of 1,000 other applications, primarily because the residents of the city as well as the administration went out of their way to express their eagerness for the project.

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