Google Seeks Permission To Test Out Experimental Wireless Network

Google is trying to gain a license from the Federal Communications Commission which would allow the search giant to implement an ‘experimental radio service’ in its headquarters. The catch is that Google intends to use unusual frequencies in implementing this wireless network.


The wireless network that Google is looking forward to implement will make use of frequencies ranging from 2524 to 2625. The consumer mobile devices that are currently used at large do not support this frequency range. So many have wondered as to why would Google wish to implement a radio service with a rather strange frequency range.

Google aims to have this special wireless network implemented in a specific building with its main campus. The building in question also hosts the Google Fiber team and it can be speculated that Google’s new designs may be a part of a plan to expand the set of internet connectivity services it is currently providing.

Interestingly, the wireless spectrum that Google will be using in this fresh endeavor will be owned by Clearwire Corp. This means that it wouldn’t be owned by Google itself, although using such a licensed spectrum would mean that the network is far more secure as compared to a common Wi-Fi.

It is yet unclear as to what exactly are Google’s plans with the new service. It is possible that Google may add support for these frequencies in its future devices but that seems unlikely. Alternatively, the search giant may start offering a wireless service of its own and may be testing out the most secure of the available options.

Source: Federal Communications Commission

Courtesy: WSJ

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