Google’s Acquisition Of An Android Gaming Platform Hints At Future Set-Top Box

Google has recently acquired Green Throttle Games, an Android gaming platform which doesn’t exactly have a stellar history. Many reports claim that this may be a part of Google’s strategy for its upcoming set-top box.

Green Throttle

The possibility of a Google-branded set-top box has been discussed for quite some while now. Google hasn’t commented on any of these rumors so far and it seems unlikely that there is any such offering from the search giant anytime in near future.

However, the company may have plans of such a product next year or later. To that end, it would then make sense to acquire the right kinds of platforms at this time. The acquisition of Green Throttle Games is quite significant because as part of the deal, Google has acquired specific parts of the company’s business including the key staff.

This hints that not only Google aims to utilize the technologies of the platform, it also wants to have the brains behind it work further on it or on a similar product. Green Throttle Games was launched back in 2012 but nearly wound down the business in 2013. Google may have been in talks with the company as far back as then.

Neither of the two companies have revealed exactly how much the deal has raked in. But tech analysts have already given a verdict that the acquisition is finally a proof that Google is indeed hard at work on its set-top box. Whether or not this verdict turns out to be true, will hopefully be known by the end of this year.

Courtesy: Pando Daily

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