Head Of Silicon Valley Branch Of US Patent Office Is A Former Google Attorney

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has taken a lot of criticism recently, and in view of that, it had announced plans of ramping up its operations by opening a branch at Silicon Valley, besides two other new branches. It has now transpired that the person heading this new branch will be none other than the former Google Attorney, Michelle K. Lee.

USPTO logoLee had been part of Google for nearly a decade, during which her primary focus was to attend to the patent strategy of the company. During her time at the company, she certainly has acquired a lot of useful and hands-on experience related to patents.

While serving as the deputy general counsel for Google, Lee had also cited the evident deficiencies in the methods and procedures of the USPTO. While at Google, Lee had lamented the huge amount of resources that went into useless litigation between U.S. companies simply because of vaguely awarded patents. In the past, she has also criticized the poor quality of the patents that are often dished out by the USPTO.

Lee announced her new position during a recent conference at Santa Clara University. Lee has cited her vision regarding the awarding of patents in the past, and we hope that once she starts working at the Silicon Valley branch of the USPTO, she will help improve the overall situation of the patent system.

Source: Reuters

Courtesy: The Verge

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