[Infographic] How Much Money Tech Companies Earn In A Minute?

It is becoming increasingly common to read about the multi-billion-dollar revenues of tech companies each year. Here a glimpse at exactly how much each of these major tech companies earn in a single minute.

Tech revenues

Worldpayzinc has created an interactive infographic. Once you hit the play button, it shows a clock running and the corresponding amount of money made by each of the major tech titans as each second passes.

According to this infographic, for example, Apple bags a revenue of $325,713 in a single minute while making a profit of $70,584 on it. Interestingly, Samsung earns a larger revenue in the same single minute, amassing $409,678. However, Samsung’s profit margin is apparently low and on that amount of revenue, the company brings home $54,459 in profit in a single minute.

Microsoft comes at the third place with $148,361 in per minute revenue and a profit of $41,666 on it. Similarly, Facebook‘s revenue per minute is $15,002 while its profit is $2859. Google earns a cool $114,012 revenue and a profit of $23,277 in sixty seconds. Amazon bags $141,888 in minutely revenue but its profit margin is shockingly low, getting a mere $1420 in profit on this revenue.

HP has a surprisingly high per-minute revenue, clocking at $214,013. The profits earned by the company in a minute, however, reach a mere $9744. These numbers are an interesting glance at the financial well being of different tech companies. Visit the link provided below and play a bit with the interactive tool. You’ll like it.

Source: Worldpayzinc

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