Man Sues To Cancel Google’s Trademark

David Elliott from Arizona has filed a complaint in court to cancel all of search giant Google’s trademark. Elliot wants the court to declare ‘google’ as a word which means “search on the Web”. He filed the complaint after a court ruling in favor of Google earlier this month that forced him to hand over more than 750 website names like and Elliott claims that the domain names were registered to represent a venture he wants to start which would encompass commerce, charity, and more., Image Credit: Screenshot/ The Tech Journal

Elliott argues in the complaint that “google” is a general transitive verb and means “search the Internet”. He also presented evidence of “google” being declared as the word of the decade by the American Dialect Society. The plaintiff also said Google is conscious that their trademark could be lost, if the word “google” became synonymous with search.

You can read the complaint at Scribd.

Source: Paidcontent

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