Microsoft Overperforms On Investor Expectations, Bags $24.52B In Revenue

During the final quarter of 2013, Microsoft was able to perform rather well by bagging a handsome revenue and bringing more earnings per share than was expected. The company scored $0.78 per share, more than the expected $0.68 per share.


Microsoft has taken a lot of hits in the recent past. The company has ventured into the smartphone business as well as the tablet arena, both with a mild success. In view of this, it was expected that the company may report less impressive numbers at the closing of the second fiscal quarter.

However, the tech titan has pulled through, thanks to a whopping $893 million revenue from Surface slates. This helped the company total its revenue at $24.52 billion, whereas the expected revenue by analysts was pegged at $23.7 billion. The Windows Phone division certainly didn’t perform very well but Microsoft was able to off-set that by performing well on other fronts.

For instance, the company revealed that it sold 7.4 million Xbox units to the retail partners, which is a huge number in the gaming industry. Interestingly, despite a lacking interest about Windows 8 among common consumers, the Windows OEM revenue has declined by only 3 percent during the said period.

Apparently, while common users are not taking well to the new OS, Microsoft has been going hard after the commercial customers and mustering great sales at that end. Despite all the promises of doom and gloom by countless analysts about Windows-specific revenues, Microsoft has actually managed a good enough sum. In all, the company has shown good growth during the quarter.

Source: Microsoft

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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