Next Version Of Google Wallet Could Have iOS Support

Google has updated their page dedicated for Google Wallet with information indicating of a “next version” of the application is coming soon. Anyone can request an invite to the service and Google will alert you when the update is released.

Google Wallet

In the midst of requesting an invite, users will be prompted to choose the kind of mobile device that they own. Their choices are Android, iOS, and other. The interesting part — Google Wallet was always a lone Android application, and this indicates Google’s plans to expand out to other mobile operating systems.

Google Wallet never was a popular application, albeit the massive advertising campaign Google underwent over many months. The wallet platform was always limited to specific phones only carried by Sprint and Virgin Mobile — furthermore the Google service relied on Near Field Communication technolgy. This all affected the popularity of Google Wallet.

Based upon iOS being listed as a compatible device for the upcoming update, Google may plan to expand Google Wallet to devices that lack NFC technologies. The iPhone nor iPad feature NFC, providing large speculation of further Google Wallet expansion to Android and maybe Windows-based devices.

In other news, Google has confirmed that Google Wallet is available on the Galaxy S III for users on MetroPCS. You can view the full tweet here.

Source: 9to5Google

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