Steve Wozniak Thinks Apple And Google Should Team Up

Apple‘s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, has many claims to fame, among which is a knack for candid conversations and unusual views. In a BBC program recently, Wozniak stated that he thinks Apple and Google should work together and be partners.

Steve Wozniak

Currently, Apple and Google are poised against each other as fierce rivals. When it comes to the mobile arena, Apple is a huge player with its iOS platform whereas Google still tops the list in terms of numbers, thanks to the Android OS. Not only that, both companies have been involved in many other skirmishes, such as the one about excluding Google Maps from the iOS ecosystem and so on.

But when Wozniak says that the two companies should team up, he does have a point. Apple is known for stunning designs and excellent hardware whereas Google is known to innovate better when it comes to software and internet-related services. Together, the two companies could cause yet another tech revolution.

Wozniak also stated that the tech companies should be cross-licensing and sharing their technologies with each other. This may sound absurd at a time when companies fiercely guard their technologies and fight long legal battles over patents and copyrights. But again, imagine a tech world where companies could collaborate and cross-license at easier terms, moved less by profit and more by innovation. This could speed up the pace of technological innovation very significantly.

Then again, most of what Wozniak says is based on tech ideals, which rarely ever exist in real life. Moreover, many analysts hold that competition between companies drives innovation and that such rivalry must be maintained to ensure the continuity of technological progress.

Source: BBC

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