Twitter Music Founder Joins A New Startup Called Jelly

Twitter recently launched a new music app which is popularly being touted as ‘Twitter Music.’ It is now being reported that the key person who helped Twitter build this app has left the company to join a new startup called Jelly.

Twitter Music

Twitter officially unveiled its new music app in the ‘Good Morning America’ show a week ago. The app lets Twitter users discover music in an all new way and may eventually turn out to be a major player in the digital music arena.

Kevin Thau is the man who helped Twitter build the app. Apparently, he was also responsible for helping Twitter acquire the ‘We are hunted’ startup, which is said to be have played a critical role in the development of the app.

According to different reports, Thau is now leaving Twitter to join ‘Jelly’, which is a relatively new startup. Jelly has been launched by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and Thau has been tapped as the Chief Operating Officer of the startup.

It doesn’t exactly fare well for Twitter that at such an early stage of its music app, the chief person behind it has left the team. However, since Thau has been hired by Stone, it seems that the move has been a result of a mutual understanding between Thau and Twitter.

Twitter is yet to confirm or refute these reports and until the company does so, we will take the whole thing with a grain of salt.

Courtesy: CNET



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