MasterImage Works On 3D Technology Without Glasses

3D glasses have been around for quite some time now and many have been wondering when will the 3D industry make any further developments. Seems like MasterImage has the answer to this question. Working on a technology which allows for a truly 3D video experience without requiring to wear glasses, this is certainly a step forward in the right direction.

MasterImage is a Hollywood-based company that is working on 3D technology for smartphone and other small-screen devices. According to reports, the quality of the display on these screens is even better than the earlier with-glasses 3D renditions. And you don’t have to wear glasses with this one.

Also, when you view the video from an incorrect angel, it doesn’t mess it all up like it used to be in original 3D experience. Rather, the video simply appears flat. The technology has been specifically developed with the smartphone market as the target audience and so, the best results are obtained when the distance between the screen and the user is not much. This, of course, works in the smartphone market. But to take this experience to the cinema and beyond, the company will have to work on it more. Executive Vice President of MasterImage, Roy Taylor is of the opinion that this technology can be expected to be a part of the smartphones by the end of 2012. He also hopes for a hollywood future for the technology and hopes that other applications, such as games, e-books etc may also benefit from this cutting-edge advancement. What remains to be seen is that apart from the critics, how fair this new move by the 3D industry will set in with the common users – for that, I think we’ll have to just wait till the end of 2012.

Image courtesy rdenubila.
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