Neonode Z Force Optical Touchscreen Coming in ASUS Tablets

Neonode zForce optical touchscreen is a new tablet that will soon be launched this year. zForce, Neonode’s touch technology for mobile devices, is touted to be relatively more cost effective than current high performance solutions out in the market. It rubs along well with high resolution pen writing blended with finger navigation such as gestures, multi-touch, sweeps and more. It also happens to be operable with newer reflective display panels.

Neonode zForce there is no additional layer over the touch screen, as in the case of resistive and capacitive touch panels. The company uses optical technology to detect clicks and declares that the response from its solutions can be even better than the capacitive panels. The absence of additional layers in the display unit will make it thinner, plus the cost of production of new touch panels are lower than those of competitors.

Diagonal touchscreen Neonode zForce is in the range of 5 to 13 inches, and it supports Multi-Touch. Unfortunately, ASUS has not said when the market received the first devices with new displays and that they will represent. For end users this means that devices will become more subtle and, hopefully, more responsive to the touch. By year end, ASUS plans to ship a product line with an optical touch screen of Neonode.


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