migMobile: A New Framework For Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Given the sheer number of mobile platforms available today, it gets a little hectic for developers to add support for each one of them. migMobile is a new framework which essentially allows the developers to build fast, native mobile apps in a language of their own liking.


Normally, when developers create a mobile app for a specific platform, they have to rework on it significantly to add support for another platform. However, migMobile framework allows the transfer of an app from one platform to another quickly and easily.

While transferring an app from one platform to another, migMobile maintains all the key components such as the design, layout, controls, class structures and API calls. In other words, the transfer doesn’t affect the performance or design of the app in any way.

migMobile code is written in three languages, namely Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and C# for Windows Phone. For now, version 1.0 of the framework has been released and is already available through the ‘Perks’ section on its KickStarter page. The team behind the project claims that with this new framework, the time used in adding cross-platform support to apps can be reduced to a whopping 70%. If that turns out to be true, it may as well prove to be a jackpot for apps developers.

A whole range of sample UI controls from the apps developed using migMobile framework have been provided on the project’s KickStarter page. And we must say that they look impressive. For now, migMobile is looking forward to raise $20,000 through a 30-day campaign on the funds-crowdsourcing website. To pledge for the project, go to KickStarter.

Source: migMobile

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