Wattio Offers A Greener, Smarter And Comprehensive Home Automation System

We have seen a number of home automation systems cropping up in recent days. However, most of these systems fall short of providing a comprehensive solution. To end this, Wattio has launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowdsource funds for an excellent home automation system that is very comprehensive and lets you adopt a greener lifestyle.


Wattio is offering an entire kit which comprises of multiple home automation solutions. If you wish to automate a certain aspect of your home, for instance the thermostat alone, you can purchase only one of the multiple gadgets that the team is offering. A quick recap of the key elements of this kit is provided below.

BAT is the name of a battery-powered energy monitor that can be used to actively monitor your energy consumption as well as provide you alerts if anything goes awry. It can work with up to 3 circuits and is a very nifty gadget that can be carried around with ease.

POD is a smart plug. All you have to do is connect it to any of your electric appliances. You can turn that appliance on or off, define a given period of time for which it should stay on, stop it from using energy by going into standby mode and a whole lot of other things. The best part is that you can access the plug remotely, with the help of a mobile app and tweak its settings.

GATE is essentially the in-home interface which lets you access all the gadgets included in the list. You can set it up so that you can access it directly from your tablet or smartphone and monitor as well as tweak the settings of any of the gadgets.

All the modules of the Wattio kit can be monitored and controlled, even remotely with the help of mobile and TV apps. In fact, the team has also curated browser apps which can be used to tweak the settings of either of the gadgets in the kit on a computer.

Wattio provides you regular reports and promises that by using its comprehensive home automation system, you can save up to $130 in electricity and $300 in heating per year. Wattio’s Indiegogo campaign has already attracted raving reviews. Users have put up more than $100,000 backing the initiative, although the campaign was aimed to gather $90,000. In other words, it is a very successful project.

You can still back the project by paying multiple sums of money. For instance, by paying $40, you can lay your hands on the POD smart plug, while paying $139 gets you one GATE and one BAT. For $145, you get to have a GATE and a thermic pack. You can back the campaign through the widget posted below.

Source: Indiegogo

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