Streak tablet divice powered by Dell with O2 coming..

It’s a new tablet device by Dell partner with mobile operator O2.The operating system
of this device is Google’s open source Android.All are saying that Streak tablet device is
coming in june frist in Europe than in U.S.

The Streak is an Android-based device that Dell showed at the Consumer Electronics Show
in January. Not to be confused with Dell’s Mini 3 smartphone that is on sale in a few
emerging markets.

The Streak has a larger, 5-inch touch screen and looks like an iPhone but bigger.The five-inch touchscreen tablet device was first shown at CES in January running Google’s open source Android operating system.

Since that time,  Dell has managed to tidy things up a little and interest O2 and mobile phone seller Carphone Warehouse to peddle the device from June.Streak tablet divice sports  a 5-inch supersized Android handset,housing a 1GHz Snapdragon, a 5 megapixel cam, 16GB of built-in memory(expandable to 48GB via MicroSD) and a customized UI.The Streak’s five-inch screen actually has a lower pixel per inch count than some Android smartphones. Whether consumers will deem the extra two inches or so of  physical screen size enough to warrant carrying around another device remains to be seen.Due to the bundled 3G connectivity of the Streak, O2 is likely to subsidise the device and use it to entice punters into signing up for overpriced data tariffs.However, according to Dell’s Choubey, the price is likely to be similar to a top-end smartphone. “The devices share most, if not all, of the components of a smartphone, so the price won’t vary significantly from a smartphone, at least initially.

Till we get more info, we suggest sitting back, relaxing, and perusing the gallery below for the roaring red number that’s currently on show. It won’t be available at launch — you can have any color so long as it’s black — but “a range of colors and designs” will swiftly follow to sate any aesthetic concerns. Video and full press release after the break.


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