Top 5 Spooky Halloween Games Apps That You Can’t Miss

These super spooky games apps will make your Halloween spookier, scarier, mysterious and a whole lot more fun. Download these on your smartphone and enjoy the Halloween with these great apps.


To save smartphone users from shifting through the long list of Halloween apps, we want to introduce you with the top 5 Halloween apps that are totally FREE on both App Store and Google Play and you will enjoy it with trick-or-treat candy.

1. Haunted Halloween Escape


Haunted Halloween Escape will switch off the lights and turn up the sound to make you scary. In this creepy Halloween night room escape game, you will be trapped in a haunted room filled with pumpkins, bats, spiders, ghosts, skeletons, rats, vampires, a bubbling cauldron and more. You have to save yourself from everything ghostly out there!

iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here

2. Halloween City


During your favorite Trick-or-Treat time of the year, this fun game Halloween City will let you have your own Halloween-themed City. You will face amazing Halloween characters including Witches, Vampires, Pumpkins, Monster Plants, Werewolves, Mummies, Zombies and many more.

iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here



GUN ZOMBIE will let you feel an atmosphere of Halloween party and it will be the most excited Halloween ever! It comes with 38 kinds of powerful weapons and 150 tremendous stages on Campaign mode to play with friends.

iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here

4. Ghostbusters™ Paranormal Blast: Augmented Reality


Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast is the great Augmented Reality game to ever hit the Apple app store and Google Play as well. You have to battle against ghosts in your neighborhood as you rid your own city of paranormal foes!

iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here

5. Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery


You are going to experience a horrific night in the Sterling’s manor. If you want to escape then you have to overcome your fears and follow a thousand tricks to release the lost soul.

iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here

Last but not least, we are coming shortly with more Halloween apps. Keep your spooky eyes on us!

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