The Possibilities in Interior Design: Virtual Showrooms & Augmented Catalogs

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How do you attract new customers in an Interior Design Business? Simple, make the catalog display as interactive as possible.

Traditionally, Interior Designers have relied on 2-D drawings and client specifications for interior designing. But here is the truth, verbal conversations can lead to misunderstandings. This can jeopardize any work that relies solely on a conversation.

Virtual Showrooms

Imagine for a second you are an interior designer. And today you have a meeting with a client. The client is really excited but you are not. Because you know the client is going to spill out some near-vague details about how she wants her home to look like and you will be trying desperately to note down every word coming out of her mouth. But let me ask you this, what is the one thing that you would worry about if you really were an interior designer? Client Satisfaction? More than client satisfaction, you would worry about getting your client’s requirements in the actual design. Visualization software is a great solution but you don’t want to be running around with a laptop in your hand stroking keys as you speak with your client.

The solution might be a Virtual Showroom. In that virtual space, your clients can pick any color they want. The clients can even pick any texture for the walls. And the most fascinating aspect of it is, you don’t need to print any material, rent any hardware or even hire an illustrator. Your clients will engage in a 360-degree visual content. In fact, your clients can also walk around the fancy virtual space you have for them. This way you clients know what they will be actually getting. And here is another aspect that will make your client’s experience even more fun. Your clients can have a tour around the virtual space from their living room their comfort.

Wrapping Up!

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