Android 5.0 Jelly Bean May First Come To GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus

While many Android users are rather unhappy about getting late ICS upgrade on their devices, Google seems all set for the release of the next Android, Jelly Bean. It is expected to be launched by the third quarter this year and now, a rumor suggests that Jelly Bean will first come to a GSM version of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus.

The interesting thing is that this rumor comes right at the heels of Google’s revelation that it was selling an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ GSM version through Google Play Store for a tag of $399.

AndroidPolice fellows say that while they were examining the crash log, it referred to a Galaxy Nexus software profile named ‘takju.’ It was then discovered that Google was making use of the device to actually test its upcoming Android OS release, Jelly Bean.

This pretty much means that Google may well have plans of launching Jelly Bean on its GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The device may be among the earliest to receive the Jelly Bean upgrade. So if you want to have a good chance of having your Android smartphone upgraded to the latest Android release from Google, you better grab yourself one of these GSM models of Galaxy Nexus from Google Play Store. While we are not very sure about this, the crash log does seem to suggest that this rumor may turn out to be true.

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