Big Sport Fishing 3D For Android

Try this exciting wanderful Big Sport Fishing 3D fishing game available only only for the Android. Enjoy beautiful panoramic views and stunning 3D graphics. Big Sport Fishing 3D splashes onto your mobile phone in style in this competitive fishing simulation. Still, you’ll be treated to beautiful panoramic views and realistic visuals to immerse yourself in the world of a competitive fisherman. The view changes as you move your phone for a true simulation of the sport. This is an Amazon’s game review. Checkout more detail bellow.

Product Features:

  • Experience realistic graphics that immerse you in the water environment
  • Cast out your line with your phone as the motion controller
  • Five rounds of competitive fishing fun per level
  • Reel in Marlin, Swordfish, Bluefin Tuna, Tiger Sharks, and many more
  • Choose from a variety of bait to make your catch
  • Five Rounds to Fish

    Each level of the game is broken up into five rounds where you’ll work to catch a variety of fish. You have five minutes per round to catch as many fish as you can, with each fish worth a certain amount of money based on the type of fish and its weight. A small tackle box will appear on the screen allowing you to select from a variety of bait. Different types of lure will yield different results when fishing. Choose the correct lure for the type of fish you’re looking to catch. You can save the game at the end of each round and visit the bait shop to buy better lures. These fish can be finicky eaters so make your purchase wisely. Earn as much money as possible by catching as many fish as you can.


    Feel the Reel

    The controls let you experience the thrilling struggle of hooking a big fish on your line. Change the direction of your cast by holding the phone in front of you and moving your body. The phone points in the direction you want to cast. You can also rotate by swiping your finger across the screen to the left or right. Utilize your phone’s tilt sensors to put yourself out on the boat and in the boots of a real fisherman.

    Big Sport Fishing 3D
    Cast Away

    Your phone’s compass is used to determine the direction you are facing. You can tap the small compass icon in the lower left corner at any point to freeze the compass rotation for more accurate and steady casting. To cast, hold the phone upright with the screen facing you and simply flick your wrist as though the phone were the handle of a fishing rod. The faster you flick, the further the line travels. There’s no need to throw your phone though since a fairly casual flick is enough to cast the maximum distance. Experiment with your casting style until you get the hand of it and find the sweet spot.

    Fishing Tactics

    Once you’ve completed your cast, you must reel the line in until you catch your prize. You then need to hook your fish by pulling back on your phone much like you would the handle of a fishing rod when hooking a real fish. The phone will vibrate to simulate a fish nibbling on your bait. A small hook symbol will also appear at the top of the screen whenever a fish is biting. Once you have a fish on the line, a colored bar will appear at the top of your screen. This bar indicates how well the hook is set. Initially it will be colored red which means the fish is close to getting away. To catch the fish you must get this bar as close to full as possible. Prepare yourself for battle as the fish will fight for their life and you’ll feel your phone vibrate forcefully.

    That’s all about the Big Sport Fishing 3D. This game is available in for free. So download this game and start playing. This game is also available in some other sources, Checkout bellow.
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