Report: Android 2.4 Coming in April

Google is going to release the next major build of its Android OS at some point in April, and ViewSonic will be among the first cell phone makers to release an Android 2.4-powered device. According to Pocket-lint‘s sources at ViewSonic, Google has pulled forward the v2.4 release date so as to bring support for applications coded for dual-core devices – such as those running Android 3.0 Honeycomb – to single-core handsets, something Android 2.3 is currently unable to do.

The rumour does level with news from last week which suggested that the next Android release would bring bits of Honeycomb to smartphones.

Android 2.4 will definitely merge two OS, Gingerbread (mobile OS) and honeycomb (Tablet OS) respectively. The ViewPad 4 is due out this April, which implies other devices based on Android 2.4 should be available around the same time.


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