Edit Google Docs From Android And iPhone Devices[How To Guide]

Google has just announced that it has added support for editing of Google Doc’s in iOS 3.x and above and Android 2.2 and above, which means you can now edit your Google Docs on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet.The changes show up in run-time to others checking out the document. And like before, editing on spreadsheets from your mobile’s browser is also supported.

Google will be adding this new feature over the next couple of days, and rolling it out to English language users, and it even has support for voice recognition.

How to get start to edit documents or spreadsheets from mobile devices with the latest Mobile Google Docs:

1. Visit docs.google.com from the Android devices (Froyo v2.2) or Apple devices (iOS 3.0 and above).
2. Select the document which want to be edit.
3. Once viewing, press the Edit button to switch to the mobile editor for start editing.

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  1. Tjcib

    The voice input feature is not working on my HTC Inspire and I’ve heard of others with the same problem on other phones.
    Have you heard any feedback on this functionality?

  2. Richard Bramwell

    Right! — it might help if the Edit button appeared!

  3. Anonymous

    I just viewed, and edited, a Google Doc on my Android. (And if I can do it, anybody can!)

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