Google Releases Some Impressive Numbers

Google CEO Larry Page released some impressive numbers today that really show the true power and popularity of Android.  These new stats show Google’s dominance in the crowded and fast pace mobile market.

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In a report that came out alongside of Google Q2 earnings results, shows that Android phones and devices are being activated at a rate of over 550,000 units per day!  If you remember back at Google I/O, the company said it was activating 500,000 devices per day.

I know 50,000 units doesnt sound like a whole lot, but the numbers become impressive when you look at how fast the numbers are growing, just think Google I/O was only a few short months ago.

To date about 135 million Android devices have been activated, which is up from about 100 million also a short while ago.  According to Google there are over 400 different Android devices available worldwide.  Ranging from phones to tablets, and TV’s to refrigerators.

Some more stats that Google is very proud of is the ever evolving Android Market.  It now hosts over 250,000 apps and is reporting over 6 billion apps downloaded to date.  While these numbers are great, they still have a ways to go before they can catch Apple iTunes App Store.

You have to remember that Android ecosystem is still relatively new.  The first Android phone, the HTC G1, didn’t get released worldwide till sometime in early 2009.  The Android crazy train is coming off the tracks, lookout!

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