Google Releases Stock Android Camera App On Play Store

Google has released a Google Play version of its stock Android camera app. The app comes after a lot of anticipation and with a whole plethora of brilliant features. Given below is a quick rundown of the app’s features and functionality.

Lens Blur effect

The stock Android camera app is a beauty in itself. Android users have long been demanding a standalone version of the app and now it is finally here. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store and runs on Android devices using Android 4.4 KitKat or later. The best thing about the app is that Google has included a number of new features in it. These are listed below.

Lens Blur:
This is a new mode freshly included in the app. It essentially lets you use your Android device to take a photo with a shallow field depth. This is not exactly a very extraordinary feature. What is extraordinary is that you get to choose the focus of the photo after you have taken it. So you get to take a perfectly normal photo and then decide which objects you want in focus and which ones you want blurred out. This is a really cool post-photo editing option that you can play with.

Lens Blur

Commenting on the Lens Blur feature, Google software engineer Carlos Hernandez wrote, “Lens Blur replaces the need for a large optical system with algorithms that simulate a larger lens and aperture. Instead of capturing a single photo, you move the camera in an upward sweep to capture a whole series of frame.

Improved Panorama shot and Viewfinder:
The app now lets you take photos with a higher resolution. Moreover, the ‘100% viewfinder’ feature lets you make sure that you preview everything on the screen before you include it in the shot. This results in clearer, complete pictures with far more detail than was possible before. Even the Photo Spheres mode has been tweaked so that you can take those crazy 360-degrees shots with resolutions going as high as 50-megapixels.

What about older Android versions?
Although currently, the new camera app is exclusively available only for devices running Android 4.4 or later, Google team says that the app will possibly be released for more devices in the coming months. The best thing about such a standalone app is that for those with the latest Android versions, they no longer have to wait for their respective vendors to roll out the app. They can scoot straight to the Google Play store and lay their hands on it.

If you have Android 4.4 or later on your handset, you can download the app right away from here.

Source: Google

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