Google TV To Get Android 3.1

Google TV getting Android 3.1 and Market this summer.According to Mike Cleron from the Android Development team, developers will be able to use the vanilla Honeycomb SDK to build apps for Google TV  and also announced hardware partners will include Samsung, Vizio, Logitech and Sony……….


AtGoogle’s I/O developers conference, they confirmed that Google TV will receive a major upgrade to Android 3.1 this summer, as well as access to apps in the Android Market.Made-for-TV websites have been part of Google TV’s value proposition since its launch, as have onboard apps including Netflix, Twitter, Pandora, Napster and more, but this announcement means devs can make and sell apps for Google TV through the Android Market.That’s good news for the handful of Google TV users out there who have been waiting for apps and a more polished user interface. It’s also a sign that Android 3.1 and beyond which also includes improvements for tablets will finally let Google fulfill its ambitions of delivering Android on practically any device.Mike Cleron from Google’s Android development team says that developers will be able take advantage of the existing Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK to create apps for Google TV. He also said that new Google TV products are on the horizon from Samsung, Logitech (the first true GTV partner), Vizio and Sony.The addition of apps could breathe new life into Google TV, which has thus far relied on HTML5-powered websites optimized for its interface.



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