The Second Ice Cream Sandwich Smartphone – Huawei Honor

While everyone expected a major league brand of smartphones to feature Google’s latest Android, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, a demo surfaced from a source almost no one expected: Huawei Honor. For some of you, Huawei may only represent connectivity products, like modems, but it seems that they are well into smartphone production, a good proof to that is the Huawei Discovery phone. And Huawei is not the only one, as ZTE has announced of their intention too.

For the moment, the leaked information points to a beta version. Yu Chengdong, a Huawai Senior VP, posted pictures and a short message on a Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo. “I’m using the black Honor loaded with the latest Android 4.0 OS. I’ll go back to sleep and stop troubling everyone”, he wrote under two pictures with very bright details of his smartphone. The handset is indeed a black Huawei Honor, a handset found under the moniker U8860. However, the pictures point out that for Huawai smartphones, Android 4.0 update needs some tweaking, since some of the virtual buttons of the software make the physical ones redundant.

Although the company is known for its range of products meant to appeal to budget conscious customers, Huawei managed to get ahead of market leaders with this demo. The Ice Cream Sandwich update, even if it is now in beta stage, could suggest that Huawei is looking to gain more reputation from clients who prefer products that are more sophisticated.


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