CES 2014: Intel Will Help Launch Computers Running Both Android And Windows

Android is an increasingly popular OS which, thanks to its open-source nature, has found widespread use. Intel is now hoping to make it big in the PC industry by pushing for such computers which can run both Android and Windows.

Intel Android and Windows

Although the PC industry has been on a decline for many years, this new mix of operating systems may revive its former glory. Intel is apparently very hopeful with the plan and has helped a number of hardware vendors build their own PCs running both Android and Windows.

These machines and devices will be unveiled at CES 2014, inside sources have revealed. It may be surprising that Intel is at the center of this planned PC revolution, even when all the company furnishes are the chips that go into the computers. However, in this particular case, the reason Intel enjoys a key role is simply that it is probably the only company offering the Bay Trail tablet chip which can run both operating systems without any problems.

Interestingly, Microsoft has distanced itself from the whole thing as has Google. Both tech giants don’t want their products to be lumped with that of a rival’s. So putting together Windows and Android hasn’t received any support from either of them.

It is quite understandable because if Microsoft lends its support to such a venture, it is essentially stepping on the interests of its Windows Phone platform. Similarly, if Google backs this entire thing, it will send out a negative message to Chrome OS developers by endorsing Windows.

So without the support of either of the two giants, it seems unlikely that Intel will be able to make a big enough splash with the new offerings. But then, it remains to be seen what kind of machines the chip-maker and its hardware partners have created. For that, we will have to wait for CES 2014.

Courtesy: The Verge

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