New PC Virus Able To Steal Your Money And Creates Fake Online Bank Statement

Looks like Cyber Crimes and Criminals are stepping ahead side by side with rhythm as the Technology advances. Just unbelievable that, only a PC virus can Steal all your money, Hack your debit card details and make you Fool! As a matter of fact, US and UK have already been victimized by this New PC Virus.

VIRUS (Vital Information Resource Under Seige) affects most of the computers to become malfunction. Unfortunately, The new Danger/Virus is called SpyEye ‘Trojan Horse.’  It not only steals your money from your Bank A/C, but also it creates a fake statement of your Bank Details so that you can’t Understand/Doubt anything wrong there.

If a Trojan Horse is installed (Unfortunately) on a target computer system, a Hacker gets a chance to have remote access to that system. As, Trojan horses can interact with the hacker, the Hacker can perform various operations by remote.

So, when you visit your Bank A/C by online very First through that Virus affected Computer, the new upgraded Virus ‘Trojan Horse’ makes a copy of the information that you enter (Passwords or Credit Card Information etc). So, it is easy for the Hacker to Crack the information.

But if this happens (Hacker Hacks), whenever the Victim checks his bank details, he will definitely find something unusual. Right? Very unusual but interesting that, it is the software that will convince the Victim not to suspect. The software can also create fake Bank Statement/Details, so whenever you just log in by online, it shows you the figure that it should be or whatever you left the last balance, though if there is no money left. Just the simple adjustment on computer screen that assures you nothing unusual can make you Fool.

When, you are in need of money or you do transactions, and the bank refuses to do so, then you’ll learn of the attack but it’s already been too late.

Trusteer, a security company which detected the attack, says, ‘The next time the victim visits their online banking site, the malware hides the fraudulent transactions, as well as artificially changing the total balance.’

As, you can be robbed by using your Web browsers without knowing, before using Web Browsers, you should switch on ‘anti-phishing’ option in your Web Browsers.

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