Google’s Notebook Will be Free, But Linked to a Contract

Google has confirmed the launching of Google Chrome OS Notebook (code name CR-48). The rough date for its launch is going to be set during this year’s summer (June or July).

The interesting thing about this notebook is the manner in which it is going to be commercialized. It seems that Google want to distribute it in a rather unusual manner, based on a contract available for Gmail and other Google apps users.

Users can benefit from this system free of charge, but they have to pay a monthly fee of 10 or 20$ afterwards.  There is no mention as to the minimum contract period; all that is certain is that the fee covers any need for repairing should the laptop malfunction.

The Chrome OS system is in its trial stage and it has especially been designed for cloud computing. Google will not commercialize this product directly, but via retail stores.

The operating system that Google’s trying to create and to propagate is viewed by many IT specialists as a chance for the open-source concept to revive and to get more followers, something that Linux didn’t manage to achieve. Google is already on that road with Android, the operating system for mobile devices that is getting more and more devotees.

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