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Google Finally Unveils Helpouts App For iOS Devices

Google debuted the intriguing Helpouts service a while ago. It relies on Hangouts and lets people connect with and help each other. The search giant has now released a Helpouts app for iOS.

Helpouts for iOS app

Helpouts essentially allows Hangouts users to reach out to paid expert advice or simply connect with others through video chat to discuss a specific problem. Many video chats are made available by Google for Helpouts users.

Google released the Android version of Helpouts at the conclusion of last year. The Android app packs a whole lot of features and it’s popularity is probably what has persuaded Google to launch an iOS counterpart of the service. In the Android app, users can reach out to paid experts, schedule sessions with them and participate in sessions directly from their Android devices.

The iOS app comes with most of the functionality of the web version of Helpouts. Some analysts have speculated that Google will probably stick with free web chats on the iOS app. Offering paid expert advice would force Google to cough up 30% of the earnings and hand them over to Apple. And Google is expected not to go that way. This would essentially mean that the Helpouts iOS app will lack a lot of the features which are there in the Android app.

However, there’s an equal possibility that if the app proves popular among iOS users, Google may consider launching the paid video sessions. This would be a move geared more towards increasing user engagement than making any actual profits.

You can download the Helpouts for iOS app here.

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