Congressman Joe Barton Disappointed With Google’s Response Over Glass

Google Glass has been under the scrutiny of the U.S. Congress over allegations that the gadget violated privacy rights of common citizens. A Congressional bipartisan caucus recently sent Google a letter, asking it to furnish an explanation. The response from Google, Congressman Joe Barton says, has been disappointing.

Google Glass

Apparently, the chief focus of the letter sent to Google was on privacy rights and to seek from the search giant as to how these rights will be protected in case Google Glass goes mainstream in the public.

Today, Joe Barton issued a statement, saying, “I am disappointed in the responses we received from Google. There were questions that were not adequately answered and some not answered at all. Google Glass has the potential to change the way people communicate and interact.”

He went on to reveal what the letter was all about, “When new technology like this is introduced that could change societal norms, I believe it is important that people’s rights be protected and vital that privacy is built into the device. I look forward to continuing a working relationship with Google as Google Glass develops.”

To ensure that Google Glass is accepted as a next-generation tool of communication, Google needs to open up to such queries and respond to any reservations and objections that are being cited towards Google Glass. Without this, the company may run into trouble with privacy activists.

Courtesy: The Inquirer

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