Google Glass Gets Unofficial WordPress Plugin Called ‘wpForGlass’

Google Glass is certainly not a best-selling gadget as of yet, given its very limited availability. But vendors, software makers and consumers are very interested in it. PR firm, Weber Shandwick, has now released a WordPress plugin for Glass called ‘wpForGlass‘.

Google Glass

The plugin is unofficial, given that it didn’t come from Google itself. Nonetheless, it is a very useful tool, especially for video and photo bloggers out there. Naturally, you will need your own Google Glass unit to test it out.

To use it, simply snap a photo or a video with your Glass headset and decide a caption to go with text. You can also dictate a longer text to go with it but you’ll have to hazard a few spelling mistakes until Glass grows to understand you accurately. Once the caption or any other accompanying text is done, you are able to upload the entry to your blog right away.

For a simple entry, it takes you less than a minute to do it all. And therein lies the key power of Google Glass and the reason why wpForGlass sounds so useful. The voice-to-text functionality that is a part of this plugin works great with brief captions. But if you want a few paragraphs to accompany the video or photo you are posting, you will have to try a few times. That is because the voice-to-text feature takes some time in learning to understand your dictation. Below is the snapshot of a blog post done through wpForGlass.

wpForGlass post

Explaining the philosophy behind the creation of this plug-in, Weber Shandwick’s SVP tech innovation, Ozzy Farman said, “We spend a lot of time developing and experimenting with new technology like this that could be impactful to our clients’ businesses as the communications landscape transforms.”

You can download the wpForGlass plug-in here.

Source: wpForGlass

Courtesy: Engadget

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