iOS Users Of Glass Finally Get Limited SMS Support

Google Glass users who have an Android device have long been able to read their text messages on Glass screen. The search giant is due to roll out an update soon which would allow iOS users to enjoy a similar functionality on its Glass units.

Google Glass

The delay in shipping updates for iOS users is understandable. When it comes to Android, Google created the mobile OS platform, so pairing it up with another nifty gadget of its own such as Glass is easier. But to add support to a closed platform created by another company such as Apple, is a somewhat harder job.

This is precisely why Android users have been using the on-screen text-reading feature with their Glass units while iOS users have been waiting for it. And although the upcoming update will enable iOS users to finally read their texts on the Glass screen, Google warns that ‘You won’t be able to reply from Glass due to some limitations with iOS.’ With Google and Apple being rivals right now, it would be interesting to see how Apple would respond to the gadget if it really takes off in the coming months.

Another significant feature which is part of the update is Calendar. Google has brought an intelligent Calendar to the Glass units. The Calender allows you to view your agenda on the left part of your Home Screen. From there, you can alter the time or location of the event as well as its title to better suit your day-to-day routines and engagements. You can even send an RSVP straight from the Calendar app.

Source: Google

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