Kairos Smartwatch Is The Perfect Blend Of Function And Fashion

The fires have been shot in the smartwatch race but the contestants are still to begin their blitzes. Samsung has led the charge with lackluster offerings, but a new smartwatch from Kairos may blow all competition to the wind.

Kairos smartwatch

So far, we have seen numerous shapes and ways in which a whole plethora of data could be brought on to a tiny screen with a strap. Samsung came up with the unflattering Gear line-up, Archos also jumped the bandwagon while others like LG and Motorola are gearing up to enter the competition.

Kairos is a startup that has unveiled a new mechanical-digital smartwatch which trumps all that we have seen so far in this arena. This smartwatch brings together function and fashion by offering a stunning mechanical design under a transparent color OLED display.

Kairos smartwatch

So you get to see the normal time on the match in a very regular way, but at the same time get a whole plethora of notifications on the OLED display.

Kairos claims that both its MSW and SSW models offer key notifications from the smartphone as well as detailed input on fitness tracking. Currently, the company is accepting pre-orders for these smartwatches, their prices ranging between $499 and $1,199. The price tag may seem steep compared to other smartwatches in the market, but if this smartwatch turns out to be real and not just some elaborate hoax of sorts, it somewhat justifies that tag.

Source: Kairos
Courtesy: The Verge

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