Kogan Agora Internet TV Portal,Tablet And Laptop

Kogan’s Agora Internet TV Portal promises Android Market access and this set-top TV box is powered by Android is priced at A$149 with a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor from Samsung, 512MB of RAM, 2GB of flash storage, HDMI output and three USB ports for external storage.Kogan also expands Agora range with new 7-inch tablet PC and 12-inch laptop……..


Kogan expanded the Agora range with the Internet TV Portal, 7-inch Tablet PC and 12-inch Laptop.The Kogan Agora Internet TV Portal: Powered by Android (starting at $149), Kogan Agora 7″ Tablet PC: Powered by Android (starting at $139), and Kogan Agora 12″ Laptop (Starting at $299/Standard and $319/Pro).All products in the new Agora range are currently for sale at market shattering prices on Kogan’s LivePrice pricing system (patent pending).Ruslan Kogan said, “The new product range shows that Aussie companies are capable of creating technology that can compete on the world stage.”The Kogan team has been working hard for many months to bring out the expanded Agora range.”The Kogan Internet TV Portal is powered by Android, and it lets Australians experience the whole web on the biggest screen in their home.”Everyone can now watch what they want, when they want. They can stream movies from content providers across the globe including YouTube, Ustream, and any website with video. They can browse the web, chat to their friends on social media, share and view photos, movies and music, and even play games like Angry Birds on their TV!”The Kogan Agora 12″ Laptop is a complete productivity device for the budget conscious. It comes pre-loaded with practically all the software you’ll ever need on a computer. At these prices, there is now no reason why every student shouldn’t have their own laptop.”We’ve created a laptop that is not only extremely affordable and functional, but one that you’re proud to show off. It’s thin, light, and stylish.”With the Kogan 7″ Android Tablet, we have created a device with all the features our customers need, at an unheard-of price. You no longer have to feel guilty about spending big bucks on a tablet entertainment device.”The products we’re launching today are a direct result of thousands of conversations with customers through Facebook, Twitter, and the Kogan blog.”We’re delivering the latest world leading technology at prices everyone can afford, showcasing true Aussie ingenuity and innovation,” Kogan said.


Kogan Agora Internet TV Portal Features :

  • Powered by Android – full access to Android Market
  • Use the optical remote or bundle with the Kogan Agora Android Keyboard ($39)
  • Internet browsing, plus Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on any TV
  • Easily stream video through any available website or application
  • Access thousands of applications direct through any TV
  • Bring the Internet and Android Gaming and Productivity to the biggest screen in your home


Kogan Agora 7″ Tablet Features :


  • Bright 7″ Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Powered by Android
  • Access thousands of Apps and Games
  • Built-in microphone and front-facing camera
  • Lightweight and stylish design
  • Capture, view and share photos, music and movies


Kogan Agora 12″ Ultra Portable Laptop Features:

  • Pre-loaded with everything you need straight out of the box – Internet, office applications, Music, Photo and Video Software Packages, Ubuntu
  • OS & Windows Compatible
  • Widescreen 12″ LED screen
  • Intel Celeron Ultra Low Voltage SU 2300, 1GB RAM, 250GB Hard Drive
  • 1.3MP Camera
  • Weighs only 1.32kg


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