LG Optimus 3D Teased On a Video Again With Dual Camera

The LG Optimus 3D — expected to launch at next week’s MWC — is teased with its dual rear cameras. The video lasts only 23 seconds. Pocket-lint has exclusive pictures and a leaked video of the Optimus 3D. There were rumors of LG’s new smartphone having 3D capabilities, but apart from a leaked image, there was nothing more.

The video starts off with the camera panning across different angles of the Optimus 3D. It later says, “Finally, a smartphone that sees the world like we do” followed by “Entering a new dimension with LG Optimus” on the screen. Apart from the captions, you can see the dual cameras in the video.

The teaser looks good and gives us a hint of what we should be expecting at the Mobile World Congress which is going to start in a few days.


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