Microsoft Giving Free Windows Phone To Malware-Stricken Android Users

In a rather unusual advertising move, Microsoft has asked Android users to tell them about their Android plights, especially about the recent malware problem. And in return, the users may get a chance to win free Windows Phone! It’s a fine way of highlighting Android’s qualms and at the same time, marketing Windows Phone right into the Android fan-base.

It all started with Microsoft’s Windows Phone Evangelist Ben Rudolph tweeted that he will be handing out Windows Phone to Android users who explained about the malware that hit their devices. The users who explained it in the most epic manner were to get the five free Windows Phones.

While Microsoft is still struggling to find a niche in the smartphone market, it certainly has the advantage of criticizing, poking other smartphones which have a larger following in the market. And it definitely can point out their flaws, being itself still at the pavilion. While getting at Apple is a lot harder, with iPhone’s popularity well entrenched and no significant security flaws found in it, Windows has a real shot at Android phones which have been suffering from a number of problems.

The latest in the league, the malware problem, went quite viral in online discussions and was trending under the hashtag #droidrage. But still, regardless of the security flaws found in Android phones, their sales statistics are not coming down anytime soon. And while Microsoft can do well with such little amusements, it will also have to attend the security issues being discovered in it’s own devices.

Image courtesy bobfamiliar.
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